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H.G. Wood’s bagged shavings are some of the finest available on the market, currently available to the trade only, they are available palletized, or direct-loaded to the client’s trailer.

All shavings are produced from kiln-dried and heat-treated pine lumber, insuring that the shavings are dry and free from pests at the time of manufacture. Our shavings are 100% eastern white pine, without the sticks, sawdust or sharps of inferior mixed specie or hardwood shavings, providing soft absorbent bedding suitable for the most tender feet.

H.G. Wood eliminated chemical dips and treatments from our lumber manufacturing process long before it was fashionable to be green, so the shavings we manufacture are the cleanest kiln dried shavings available. With H. G. Wood’s fine pine shavings, you won’t need to worry about your fine livestock absorbing chemicals from their bedding.

H.G. Wood shavings are available at fine agricultural retailers throughout New England.

H.G. Wood occasionally has shavings “seconds” available for retail sale. These “Seconds” are the same as our regular shavings, but there is usually a packaging defect such as a tear, mis-stapling, or poor compression. Quantities are very limited and available on a first come, first served basis only.

H.G. Wood’s pine shavings are clean, with no chemical additives and are suitable for the finest livestock. Our shavings are suitable for the finest livestock. When quality matters, insist on H.G. Wood’s pine shavings.