News & Awards


Wayne Cate Receives the NeKDA Jim Catterick Industrial Recognition Award, presented by proprietor F. Colin Cabot, and Robert Burns, COO

Wayne Cate received this award in 2006 for outstanding performance. Wayne has been our dry kiln operator for over 25 years. He brings decades of experience and know-how to our operation, and takes great pride in his job.




altBob Burns Receives plaque from Gary LeMay of PSNH for participation in PSNH Energy Efficiency Program

A series of energy conscious improvements made during the course of 2005 reduced our energy consumption by 77,110 kwh and oil consumption by 5,321 gallons of oil.  It also reduced power plant emissions by 115,917 pounds of CO2 (“Greenhouse Gas”) and SO2 and NOx  emissions (causes of acid rain) by 771 and 154 pounds per year, respectively.  H G Wood continues making improvements to reduce our environmental impact.