About Us


Harold S. Geneen, former Chairman of ITT Industries and founder of H.G. Wood

A Mandate for Excellence

H.G. Wood was established in 1972 by then chairman of I.T.T., Harold S. Geneen. It was Harold Geneen who dictated a standard of excellence and attention to quality unsurpassed in the industry. Harold Geneen was determined that H.G. Wood would become one of the finest manufacturers of Eastern White Pine boards, and issued the mandate that quality would be our overriding goal. In Mr. Geneen’s words: “To do well in business, give your customers quality and service, and always treat them fairly.” His words meant a lot to us, and we make sure to keep them alive in our day to day operations.


F. Colin Cabot, managing partner of H.G. Wood, brings a commitment to community stewardship, sustainable practices and a reverence for history and tradition.

A Commitment to Community

Following Harold Geneen’s passing, F. Colin Cabot assumed the reins of leadership and reaffirmed the tradition of excellence, introducing a new standard of community citizenship. In addition to producing the best quality lumber we can, we also are committed to doing so in a way that is respectful of the forest resource and our community. We also share Colin Cabot’s commitment to the preservation of our region’s heritage and history.